Frequently Asked Questions

What makes SocialVoice different from other social listening tools we use?

Social listening platforms can’t provide critical analysis of what influencers are saying within their social videos. They only scan the metadata such as hashtags, comments, the written word and engagement data which means that they miss every instance where an influencer verbally mentions a brand.

Social Voice, on the other hand, is patented AI technology that analyses everything an influencer has ever said (or is saying) across the 3 principle social video platforms – TikTok, YouTube & Instagram. SocialVoice investigates deeper and more thoroughly, providing critical influencer / creator, campaign and brand insights which were previously inaccessible. These include the ability to analyse an influencer’s emotive language, tone, vocal quality, empathy levels and even their Myers-Briggs personality profile.

We use an influencer discovery platform so why do we need SocialVoice and your Influencer Integrity Report?

Quite simply, you need SocialVoice because you can’t trust that the influencer discovery platform you use has done robust enough checks on an influencer’s social video history. That’s why you then spend hours manually doing your own background checks.

To solve this SocialVoice has developed a unique patented solution that searches through an influencer’s entire back catalogue of social videos across TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. Every video, every frame, every word by spoken word.

The result is one simple to act upon Influencer Integrity Report that identifies any potential red flags that could damage a campaign or brand. Even better, the AI generated analysis of the spoken word tells you if the influencer is a strong match for your campaign from a topic specialism, tone of voice, personality and brand synergy perspective.

How much time does the Influencer Integrity Report save me background checking influencers?

The short answer is a huge amount. All you need to do is input an influencer’s TikTok, Instagram or YouTube profile link and our patented technology will analyse everything that influencer has ever said in their social videos. Whilst you are focussing on other tasks or relaxing over a cup of tea you’ll then be notified when your report is ready.

When you view your Influencer Integrity Report we also save you time by making the critical information you need clear, easy to understand and simple to extract into your own internal reports. If any video has been found that could present a risk to your campaign you just click on the red flag link to view the exact video and the exact frames where we’ve identified the risk.

Why can we trust the headline ‘Trust Score’ and brand safety analysis within the Influencer Integrity Report?

For us it is incredibly important that you know whether an influencer can be trusted in a few seconds. The headline influencer ‘Trust Score’ may look simplistic but it’s derived from deep analysis that both protects and enhances the success of your campaigns.

On the brand safety front we use harmful content criteria from the ‘World Federation Of Advertisers’ and the ‘Global Alliance For Responsible Media’ (GARM) to identify any risks that an influencer may pose from something they have said in their social video posts. The metrics calculated when analysing 12 GARM categories of red flag content as well as profanity, toxicity and content anomalies are all fed upwards into the headline ‘Trust Score’.

The metrics that quickly help you know if an influencer can be trusted to enhance the success of a campaign are all based on quality of voice, topic specialism, brand synergy and Myers-Briggs personality profiling. This analysis is converted into metrics that enable you to assess an influencer’s consistency of tone and topic, empathy levels with their audience and their authenticity. Once again these scores are fed upwards into your easy to understand and act-upon headline ‘Trust Score’.

What is the cost structure and how long do I have to sign up for?

Once again we’ve made the cost structure and your ability to purchase very simple.

You pay a monthly license fee that relates to the number of reports per month you think you’ll generate – 20, 40 or 60 – and don’t worry if you go slightly over your limit in one month.

In terms of contract periods all you are signing up to is a rolling 1 month contract with a 60 day cancellation period.

Best of all, our pricing starts at only £416 + VAT per month.

How do I find out if the Influencer Integrity Report is right for my business?

Why not contact us to see a demo of the Influencer Integrity Report? In advance you can even send us an influencer link and we will run a report for you. Within 30 minutes of seeing the Influencer Integrity Report you’ll have all the information and confidence you need to start producing Reports for your campaigns and establishing trust levels with your clients that you’ve never experienced before.

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